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Spent like a high roller, saved nothing, needs a real job. Blew his entire $232,735 per year salary as Mayor of Los Angeles – highest paid mayor in the country! Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was a ‘Rising Star’ – even Chairman of the 2012 DNC in Charlotte. They were talking about him as future SecTrans… He […]

There was a last-minute revision to the Democrat’s 2012 Platform – because they had taken God and Jerusalem OUT of it. Aware of the nation-wide disgust, Obama phoned Charlotte – said ‘put them back in’. The left-wingers and anti-Israel crowd made things worse when by voice vote they clearly wanted it KEPT OUT.  Three (3) […]

Peter Schiff proves how brain-dead they really are…sad!

Still wagging his finger at us – after all these years… Bill rambled on long tonight – attempting to glorify the Obama Cartel, and debunk the Romney-Ryan ticket.  He lost all credibility when he gave Joe Biden credit for the Iraq withdrawal.  Biden must have been squirming – being denied a speaking role. Michelle was […]