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Few men in my lifetime have done more to sully the US Senate,  defile our Constitution,  and abuse Honest Americans than this treasonous Nevada crook.  Know that any and all who sing his praises today are either utter historic fools,  – or are as corrupt and dirty as he was.

Dirty Harry Endorses Paul RiNO?

October 21st, 2015

Talk about the Mark of Cain…!   OUCH! Nothing quite says “RiNO” – in big capital letters – like an endorsement from Nevada’s Dirty Harry Reid.  Really Americans, – how much lower can our Republican Party drag itself…?

With the fate of Representative Democracy, Individual Freedom, and Free Enterprise hanging in the balance, we wait to see how many of the 60 Socialist Senators will commit treason by voting for this massive fraud of a “health care” bill. Our Founding Fathers would have had these men and women tried and shot or hung. The very least we can do is make their remaining days obnoxiously uncomfortable, – then vote their treasonous asses OUT!