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Folks,  here is PROOF that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gotten deeply inside the heads of the old-school Democrats who have for decades considered ‘Government’ as their private rice bowl…. AOC has turned their comfortable government jet-set country club life on its ear, and you can see and hear the depth of anger, resentment, and fear in […]

The Left’s objective goes WAY past Kavanaugh;  – they want to be sure NO Conservative Judge ever again allows him/herself to be nominated,  – for fear of having their families to go through the same crap. Brett Kavanaugh came storming back this afternoon – filled with righteous anger at how the Senate Democrats have ignored […]

25 years in the US Senate,  – 17 years on the Intelligence Committee ( 6 years as Chairwoman ), – while for 20 years she employed Russell Lowe – a Chinese SPY – as her driver? Meanwhile,  under Mueller and then Comey,  – your “patriotic FBI” was looking for Russians under Trump’s bed?

D-E-A-T-H To Their Aging Queen!

February 25th, 2018

It’s a RACE WAR she helped fuel,  – but like all liberals,  – she was unable to foresee the end result.  The California Democrat Party has changed in recent years,  – it’s now the Mexicrat Party,  – and they want a Mexican Senator. So they’ve voted to back State Senator (Communist) Kevin De León – […]

She’s 84,  – VERY rich,  – on her 3rd husband, – and tells people she intends to run for re-election this year.  Her San Francisco values always show,  – this move is designed to pressure Trump on DACA. There was a time – long ago – when Democrats were at least patriots…but Feinstein seems to […]

Dianne Feinstein’s Evil Revenge

December 10th, 2014

The Senator from California took to the Senate floor Tuesday to read a report about CIA TORTURE METHODS. She did so with great malice toward the CIA – and in complete disregard to the many lives she was dooming to an ugly death. The moment was ALL ABOUT HER, – all about her using abusing […]

Obama’s “joyous moment” with the Bergdahl parents is now a political nightmare for many Democrats, – except John Kerry. Dianne Feinstein – who thought she was important – now complains that since being publicly critical of the swap – the WH doesn’t call her any more. Boo Hoo Dianne! He always flings his loyal supporters under the […]

  EVERY dictator in History has over-reached!

Hall Pass For John Brennan?

February 7th, 2013

Will Gun-Grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein grill this lifetime bumbling fool and proven liar – or will the Senate Select Committee issue Johnny a hall pass to become CIA Chief? He’ll be on the hot seat at 2:30 today.  He’s got questions to answer about Benghazi, about al Qaeda, about the drone program, and about his […]