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The Left’s objective goes WAY past Kavanaugh;  – they want to be sure NO Conservative Judge ever again allows him/herself to be nominated,  – for fear of having their families to go through the same crap. Brett Kavanaugh came storming back this afternoon – filled with righteous anger at how the Senate Democrats have ignored […]

25 years in the US Senate,  – 17 years on the Intelligence Committee ( 6 years as Chairwoman ), – while for 20 years she employed Russell Lowe – a Chinese SPY – as her driver? Meanwhile,  under Mueller and then Comey,  – your “patriotic FBI” was looking for Russians under Trump’s bed?

D-E-A-T-H To Their Aging Queen!

February 25th, 2018

It’s a RACE WAR she helped fuel,  – but like all liberals,  – she was unable to foresee the end result.  The California Democrat Party has changed in recent years,  – it’s now the Mexicrat Party,  – and they want a Mexican Senator. So they’ve voted to back State Senator (Communist) Kevin De León – […]

She’s 84,  – VERY rich,  – on her 3rd husband, – and tells people she intends to run for re-election this year.  Her San Francisco values always show,  – this move is designed to pressure Trump on DACA. There was a time – long ago – when Democrats were at least patriots…but Feinstein seems to […]

Dianne Feinstein’s Evil Revenge

December 10th, 2014

The Senator from California took to the Senate floor Tuesday to read a report about CIA TORTURE METHODS. She did so with great malice toward the CIA – and in complete disregard to the many lives she was dooming to an ugly death. The moment was ALL ABOUT HER, – all about her using abusing […]

Obama’s “joyous moment” with the Bergdahl parents is now a political nightmare for many Democrats, – except John Kerry. Dianne Feinstein – who thought she was important – now complains that since being publicly critical of the swap – the WH doesn’t call her any more. Boo Hoo Dianne! He always flings his loyal supporters under the […]

  EVERY dictator in History has over-reached!

Hall Pass For John Brennan?

February 7th, 2013

Will Gun-Grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein grill this lifetime bumbling fool and proven liar – or will the Senate Select Committee issue Johnny a hall pass to become CIA Chief? He’ll be on the hot seat at 2:30 today.  He’s got questions to answer about Benghazi, about al Qaeda, about the drone program, and about his […]

This ought to hard-boil your brain today. With our National Debt at $16 Trillion, – with no budget in 1123 days – our Cosmo-RepubliCrat Senator Scott Brown turns his legal talents to the critical business of chickens laying eggs.   He feels they need new Federal Regulation to get the job done!?!? No, I’m NOT […]