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Can you just imagine the sudden loosening of sphincters – as the newly minted Ms. Jenner tells Diane Sawyer – that she’s a Republican? How many expensive couch cushions in expensive Democratic homes were suddenly soiled?   How will the left-wing know-it-alls resolve their feelings?  Quick!  Marijuana!

Going, Going, Almost Gone!

February 24th, 2010

Begun: 1953 Dying:  2010 With network anchor faces we all remember such as John Charles Daly,  John Cameron Swayze,  Frank Reynolds,  Howard K. Smith,  Harry Reasoner,  Barbara Walters,  Peter Jennings,  Elizabeth Vargas,  Bob Woodruff*,  Charles Gibson,  Diane Sawyer,  and lately even that kid – George Stephanopoulos, – ABC news is down to some 1400 employees […]