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Until this afternoon,  the left wing was sure they had a key talking point for the 2018 elections – “Trump is separating children from their mothers”… DHS Secretary Nielsen took ’em on,  let the fools ask their ‘intimidating gotcha questions’,  – and played Whack-a-Mole with them.   T’was a thing of beauty!

The Welcome Mat is gone,  the Obama Travel Agency is out of business!  “Apply,…wait your turn, – and come lawfully!” Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly visit El Paso, Texas, and warn illegals that there is a new team in charge.

His rumored pending appointment of Heather Fong to lead our Border Patrol signals his total disregard of America’s safety and sovereignty.  Yeah,  he hates us! His left-wing 21st Century World Socialist fan club will be thrilled – our borders guarded by a woman who champions Sanctuary Cities, – and who doesn’t believe there are ‘illegal […]

…and they STILL* won’t say what they were there for…? Homeland Security and local SWAT Teams staged a massive show-of-force in tiny Livingston, Illinois [pop 850] Thursday,…claiming it was “all just back-up” for a raid on a farmhouse a few miles away. Mind you, such federal assets are NOT being used to secure our Southern […]

Why Is John Sandweg Quitting ICE?

February 16th, 2014

The ‘Acting’ Director of ICE – a young criminal defense attorney just 13 years out of law school – with ZERO law enforcement experience – is suddenly resigning his post. Could it be, ~  that tracking down on fake SuperBowl jerseys ~ while letting criminal illegals go free doesn’t appeal to his sense of honor?  […]

They’re buying 141,000 long-range sniper bullets…who are they planning to kill? Under Janet Napolitano, DHS spent 5 years buying over 1.5 BILLION rounds of small-arms bullets and shotgun shells – WAY MORE than needed for ‘training‘ or ‘qualification‘. They bought enough to shoot each American 5 times!   Why?

WHY do we need a Democratic attorney to lead Homeland Security? Jeh Johnson may be a great guy.  Son of a Tuskegee Airman, graduate of Columbia Law, longtime Democrat activist,  civil trial lawyer, worked for both Bill Clinton and Obama…, but,…no experience in intelligence,  police,  or military operations. His time as Chief Counsel for the […]

She played stupid for 4 years – did she know about Ayo Kimathi’s racist website? Take a deep breath before you click on Read more…

We’ve been shoved down the damned rabbit hole! Our Lesbian Queen of Homeland Security – Janet Napolitano – who is both unwilling and unable to secure our Mexican Border, has arrived in Kabul “on a mission to help Afghanistan secure their border with Pakistan”. What’s the real purpose of her visit – résumé building?

Governor Who?

July 17th, 2010

There are fifty (50) state governors to remember.  Should we cut her a little slack, or cut her last paycheck?