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“Coexist”: Muslim Style

April 30th, 2014

In now totally lawless Northern Syria – the worst of Islam is having it’s way – with Christians and with the general Muslim population. This man – a Christian – was accused of robbing a Muslim, – tried by a rebel ISIS group [no witnesses, no defense attorney] – and crucified. Their real objective was […]

Welcome to the Muslim concept of Dhimmitude  – where conquered peoples are ‘allowed’ to continue worshiping their customary religions – so long as they pay a ‘tax’. Just yesterday your ‘Federal Family’ in the person of Acting Administrator of Agricultural Marketing David R. Shipman – a 35-year career federal leech – announced he is appointing […]

And Democrats said: “Oh he’s not a Muslim!”  Fooled you – didn’t he?  Or did you really know all along, and think it was “cool” – just SO anti-Bush? He issued his statement at a White House dinner celebrating Ramadan!  What’s next;  minarets on the White House?