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He’s going to ‘investigate‘ the Chicago Police Department.  We at RRB can damn near write his report this morning…. You remember Gov’nr Duh-Val Patrick – that knee-jerk racist jerk – who is Obama’s buddy? He’s been called upon by Rahm Emanuel to come to Chicago [where he was born] to take the pressure off the […]

Obama Nudges Biden [Conditionally]

September 23rd, 2015

Says Clown has to run with a token VP….to earn his ‘endorsement’? WoW!    Obama thinks he’s going to be the Kingmaker?

Andrea Cabral Sings For Dollars

February 25th, 2015

After all the gunfire she’s ducked,  I guess she knows that Charlie Baker won’t make HER a judge, – like Deval did with MaryBeth Heffernan – her drunken predecessor. So she’s trying to collect that ‘hazardous duty’ pension extra, – before she goes to apply for DISABILITY – like Mirian McGovern did.

MIT: Cesspool On The Charles!

January 13th, 2015

First Gruber, now Duh-Val Patrick? Now a dumping grounds for Obama’s worn-out and discredited hacks?  How much per semester to have your budding geniuses lied to by these anti-American socialists?

Nothing like a sex-offender story to taint Deval’s presidential ambitions, – (as if America is really awaiting another über-liberal Black Harvard pro-illegal immigrant anti-gun Progressive Democratic candidate…?) Once upon a time [the 2006 Patrick v Muffy campaign] this story got dismissed as being just more Republicans accusing Democrats of being “soft on crime”.

Fearing a Charlie Baker housecleaning, – Deval Patrick has unionized 500 of the Commonwealth’s ‘management personnel’.  As new members of the National Association of Government Employees, they qualify for an automatic 3% raise – and cannot be terminated by any incoming governor. Wanna bet that all 500 have religiously coughed up campaign contributions to Deval, […]

Taxing Massachusetts Drivers

October 8th, 2014

I just returned from a 6-day trip to Charleston, SC.  Down there I paid $3.05.9 and $3.10.9 for gas. I wish I’d thought to take the picture, – but I had a wedding on my mind. Driving back I paid $2.99.9 in Virginia and today the Massachusetts price is $3.33.9 So why is OUR gas […]

Our Next Attorney General…Is….

September 25th, 2014

Deval Patrick may be feeling excited today. His name will likely be floated on the short list. But he’s got way too much baggage. My bet is Obama’s choice may be the only woman he feels a physical attraction to – California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris! Think back over these past 7 years – what […]

I’m sure the so-called ‘Republican front-runner’ is counting on you to have forgotten his collaboration with the enemy. Yep, that was 2006, and Mister “Together We Can” had just beaten Muffy for the corner office.  Who steps up to ‘help the transition’ – but Mister Liberal Himself – Charlie Baker. Was he helping Deval Patrick, […]