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Detroit Poverty Pimp Dead At 90

October 27th, 2019

Giving the Keynote Speech at the Detroit NAACP dinner,  the Cherokee Squaw (Senator Warren) blamed America’s Police for making Black citizens afraid. Stupid and uninformed people will believe her;  but if you know the facts,  – you know that she delivered a 30-minute diatribe of lies.

The three moderators were again instigators, – and Rubio and Trump delighted in belittling Trump – like schoolboys…. Trump gave back in equal measure.  Only Kasich remained ‘presidential’. About half-way through there were some serious policy Q & A,…if you managed to sit through the donnybrook.  It ~ appears ~ that the Romney attack has […]

The Senator is way easier to listen to than his dad….

Hollow Speech – Empty Stadium

February 25th, 2012

Embarrassing!  Mitt gives ‘major economic speech’ at Ford Field in Detroit – 1200 guests – 65,000 empty seats. Managed tell the crowd his wife ‘drives a couple of Cadillacs’.

By August 1945,  the US and our allies were set to invade mainland Japan to end the war.  We had already lost some 418,500 military and civilian dead in the war.  The landings and the expected two-year campaign to subdue the Japanese island-by-island was expected to cost us a minimum of 500,000 additional dead, and […]