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Governors and Mayors – even city councils up north are likely to miss the message because of the soft language Jeff Sessions uses to issue his warning. This is the first salvo in a battle which is likely to see some mayors and police chiefs frog-marched in handcuffs….into the same van as the illegals they […]

Gay Rights agenda run amok – Eric Holder creates hostile work environment for people of faith. Did this start out as a good idea, – and get carried way too far? Take your 1st Amendment Rights… – and cover them with this sticker! DOJ personnel WILL welcome and celebrate gay and cross-dressing co-workers,“…DON’T judge or […]

Yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to call people with mental disabilities and severe problems ‘retards’ and ‘psychos’  – but I did want to get your attention. And Holder is hiring precisely retards and psychos!  Why should he care; – he’s only enforcing laws against white people?  This is taking AA/EEO to a bizarre extreme.  […]