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A comedy writer could not begin to imagine this fool getting this far in public life,…but here he is. Joe tries to make a point – but confuses Charlie Baker’s name… 2 videos:  The short clip – and the longer painful one…

Does anybody believe the Bernie Babes will accept these results?

Washington is still too close to call,  but 4 of the 5 other states have made a clear statement,  – they prefer the crook they know to the commie they don’t. Dems seem resigned to go with the coin-operated dementia-riddled corruptocrat over the lifelong commie…. UPDATE:  11 pm Wed night:  Biden now leads Bernie in […]

Think back to how Harry Truman and LBJ became President,  – and why Obama picked our National Village Idiot….as his horse-holder.

Folks,  we are watching a man fall deeper and deeper into the dementia pit every passing day. In a normal citizen this would be pathetic and sad.  In somebody with Biden’s life record,  – it seems like Justice or Karma…

Joe Biden + 100 Clips + Geese

November 11th, 2019

He’s the sanest the Dems have to offer,  and he’s so far down the Dementia Tunnel he can see his padded cell. Anybody really want to give this goon our Nuclear Codes?

Somebody violated her ‘privacy’ to get this,  – but voters NEED to know! …more frequent Complex Partial Seizures…..