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Americans, you are seeing (if you can bear to even watch) a career crook rapidly losing his mind to dementia.  Yes,  it’s sad, – but then he has ALWAYS been a cheat and a clown;  – and has always sold his oath and his office. How bad is this?  THINK!   They would have briefed him, […]

Pathetic.  Embarrassing.  Watch as Biden gets up and dodders off like a patient in a nursing home,  – before Jill rescues him. Watch the video twice or three times.   Note that the Europeans are laughing at Biden,  – they have no respect for him.  They know he is a dementia patient being hand-led by Jill […]

He doesn’t understand the technology,  – is too corrupt to care,  – is surrounded by commies and crooks,  – despises Republicans,  – and will sign away our Freedoms and our Security for 30 pieces of silver…and a photo-op.

It was a pathetic spectacle Thursday – and really scary,  – to see the so-called Leader of the Free World – unable to speak to reporters without reading from his cheat sheets. If you think our enemies aren’t watching from China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia,  – you’re living in Lollipop Land.

Once again China Joe cannot remember the name of a prominent Black American – former 4-Star General Lloyd Austin,  – who HE appointed as Secretary of Defense – just 90 days ago. Where have you seen Joe do this before this before…? Standing behind Biden are two new 4-Star female Generals:  USAF General Jacqueline Van […]

No sooner does the Puppet admit to being managed,  – then the White House TV crew cuts the feed.  They need him in place for just a little longer before they take him up to Bethesda;  – but it’s getting harder each day to cover his dementia. Americans,  you were WARNED! 

“What am I doing here…?” Folks,  this is both sad and scary.  No wonder Democrats want to take the Nuclear Codes away from him (and eventually from his successor VP Kneepads). He is struggling mightily with dementia – and losing the fight.

How sad, how evil – that most American networks won’t speak the unvarnished TRUTH…  Our unelected pResident is a world-wide laughing stock – and us along with him. This is all going to end badly for the USA,  and the treasonous Democraps will still twist things and blame Trump.

Scary!!   Listen as the dementia patient confuses thousands with millions with billions.  Do you really believe this career Kleptocrat got 81,268,924 popular votes,  – 7 million more than Trump?