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They bickered all day – ringleader Kshama Sawant (a commie from India) wanted much deeper cuts,  – so she was the NO vote… They did this the very evening after several hundred rioters tore up downtown Chicago,  – so they are well aware how important good cops are to the survival of a city.   They […]

Maybe it was that banner hanging across the Guinea Gangplank, – maybe it was Trump’s offer of sending in enough help to solve the problem, but Mayor de Blasio set the NYPD on Occupy City Hall early Wednesday morning: Remember,  Black Lives Matter are HIS chosen people,  so we gotta wonder what made the Big […]

What would our poor nation do – without these ephemeral celebrities taking time out from their meteoric careers to show us the way forward? Funny how all these EXPERTS who want to defund / re-engineer our local police departments have NEVER served a day in ANY uniform (high school band doesn’t count),  – NEVER personally […]

Try as he might – there are photos and video – of that ranting Senator from Delaware decrying the lack of police in poor Black neighborhoods (aka Democrat voter plantations).  The buzz word of that day – the key to Citizen Safety – was “100,000 more cops on the streets!”