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85 so-called House ‘Republicans’ voted for the fake Fiscal Cliff ‘compromise’. They just gave Obama the mandate he DIDN’T get in November.  Now he will rule like a despot!       Obama had ’em scared.   He threatened to brand them as ‘…not caring about the middle class – just looking out for the richest 2%’.  […]

The fight’s over, so Party Chair Barbie chirps her 2¢ worth. Where the hell were you all of July Barbie?  Waiting by the phone for Mitt’s talking points? Oh that’s right – you were planning a PARTY!  “This year’s BBQ will feature great family activities such as a magic show,  balloon animals,  a craft tent, […]

The House passed the bill to raise our Debt Ceiling by $2.4 TRILLION last night. Then they cheered! Pardon me – but what the HELL were they CHEERING about?  It should have been the saddest day in Congress since 9/11. Fools think a crisis was averted. I say the crisis is now BIGGER.

No matter what happens with the current Debt Ceiling debate, brace yourself for 15 months of spin, blame, finger-pointing, and the inevitable cries of ‘racism’. This was a manufactured ‘crisis’ much in the mode of the Y2K hysteria. Obama and the socialists poured gasoline on the flames for weeks – most noticeably hinting that out […]

Obama Throws A Hissy-Fit!

July 14th, 2011

  Signature traits of a narcissist are constant demanding to have his own way,  then rage when he doesn’t get it. Wednesday during the budget talks Obama threw a hissy-fit – and stormed out. Now his remaining adoring worshipers have a new reality to deal with: – this most socialist of our 44 presidents has a snarly […]

 Our spiteful pResident is going to ‘spread the pain around‘ starting in August. Obama doesn’t have to agree to any of John Boehner’s budget cuts because he’s going to take the cuts out of your checks. While some pundits and ‘experts’ are trying to count the number of House and Senate votes needed to pass […]

THREE CHEERS for freshman Congressman Tim Scott – from South Carolina’s 1st CD [along the coast]. Tim is a successful small businessman who has been active in SC politics – now serving his first term in Congress. Clearly he’s not in awe of the MEssiah. Oh, and guess whose district that new Boeing plant […]

Federal Retirees Beware!

May 16th, 2011

You can ALWAYS trust your Federal Government, right? Maybe not . . . Attention Federal Retirees:  Your Treasury Secretary – ‘Turbo-Tax Tim’ Geithner – is about to break into your piggy bank. He’s going to help himself to your retirement funds.