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The Democrat Candidate for Governor of Florida seems to harbor a deep distrust for Law Enforcement,  – and frankly it seems very race-based…. Podcast below the fold…. Florida Voters – YOU decide,  – you’ll be STUCK with your decision!

He may be a Muslim,  but Christmas came early for Imran Awan – the Pakistani spy who worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the House IT Specialist – with access to ALL House emails…. Judge Tanya Chutkan let him off with 3-months supervised probation.  She and her husband Peter Arno Krauthamer are BOTH Obama-appointees.

How deeply embedded is the DC Swamp?   The Justice Department US Attorney “investigating” the DNC and DWS’s three Pakistani Awan brothers IT-squad – is DWS’s BROTHER! He is ALSO suspected of submarining the Seth Rich murder investigation.

After 8 long years,…they finally arrested a Democrat operative – as he was fleeing the country? You know they always go for the little fish first,….then use ’em for bait for the bigger ones.

Monday morning began very rough for the disgraced Florida Congresswoman….the Florida delegation booed her,…all caught on video.  Her 8 painful minutes below the fold:

They dump the ugly shrew and promote a trusted house servant to fill in – however briefly. They JUST want a female face – so even an ignorant one will do.

For our young Harry Potter millennials – there is anger as Hillary’s inevitability begins to sink in ahead of next Tuesday. Raised on belief in Dumbledore,  and lacking any historical context to measure and judge either Hillary or Bernie,  – they’d come to believe that Bernie could actually wipe out their college debt  – and get […]

How DARE those pesky Sanders supporters use technology to poach The QUEEN’S delegates?   Don’t they understand it’s HER turn? Her angst is a Sanders website: which lists contact info for most of the Democrat super-delegates.

Lifelong Socialist Bernie Sanders and Martin ‘Rainwater’ O’Malley are likely rethinking the wisdom of the XIX Amendment this morning. The DNC’s Tasmanian Devil hath S-P-O-K-E-N,  – and she speaks for Hillary! At issus are the number and location – and even the format of Democrat debates to be held before the state primaries.

Democrats Test-Market New Logo

August 28th, 2015

The DNC is meeting in Minneapolis to discuss debate formats and schedules, – since there are actually challengers to their Crown Princess… Almost unnoticed in the fray is their new Circle D logo – not unlike a cattle brand out of the Old West. Martin ‘Rainwater’ O’Malley is upset;  – he says the debate schedule […]