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There is something very wrong inside poor Joe’s head!  Maybe those hair plugs were set in too deep – and the roots grew down into his brain? To make such a wild-assed ranting claim like this in a critical debate should cause his family to have him examined. Some sane commentary by Colion Noir:

Sometimes all is revealed in a video snippet – – as when the Squaw is caught off guard – UNAWARE she is under a Senate Ethics Investigation.   CAUTION: Hypocrisy overload! Note her finely tuned political instincts:  she instantly deflects from herself and the false accusations against Judge Kavanaugh,  – to the “mistreatment” of the Democrat’s […]

TRUTH:   It was an orchestrated event so foul,  so obnoxious,  and so fixed that I kept clicking away.  Geoff was a sucker for agreeing to the format,  and Warren essentially used her time to attack Trump,  “the Rich”,  – and guns. We watched an honorable gentleman who came unprepared into an arena to be used […]

Poor Donald probably expected a fair debate. Instead he walked straight into a trap as Lester Hold asked one-sided questions, and Hillary smirked throughout the 90 minutes.  And why not,…she knew the questions in advance. Anybody who was going to vote for her had their opinions reinforced.  Trump made no unforced errors, – but scored […]

Hillary’s Campaign Pimp Joel Benenson has a new demand – before Her Majesty agrees to debate Bernie the Buzzard in New York:  “He must change his TONE!” “Tone” is a code-word – a trigger-word for arch-feminists.   It tells Hillary’s base that the campaign has reached a desperate stage,  – with the FBI coming to ‘interview’ […]

Biden Shames America

October 12th, 2012

One thing we should be able to expect from our President and Vice President is respect for America, fellow government officials, and especially our citizens.  Last night, VP Biden managed to offend nearly everyone.  His disrespect for Paul Ryan was amazing.  His disrespect for the host was abominable.  His disrecpect for the entire intelligence community […]

I attended the twin debates in Devens last night. When you know the players – the outcome is pretty predictable.  Few minds will be changed. I had more fun outside with the sign-holders.  The majority of the Dems were cowardly. First up was the Cavaretta–Eldridge debate:

That “Maybe” Smells Mitt!

January 20th, 2012

Nobody begrudges you your hard-earned fortune Mitt.  Least of all me. You’ve been running for President since 2006.  You’ve had a full six years to think, anticipate, and plan.  What part of your cautious cover-all-eventualities personality thought you’d get to make this run without releasing your taxes? So you fail the 10 word sound-bite:   […]

One of Newt’s better moments last night in New Hampshire!