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Now age 26,  – we’re guessing that Obama wasn’t much of a positive influence as Tyler was growing into manhood….

Some asshole shoots up the Garlic Festival….? But this past March, Governor Know-it-ALL Gavin Newsom signed a moratorium on the Death Penalty.   He kind of GREEN LIGHTED Murder! Gavin,  – YOU have ARMED GUARDS, – these sitting ducks didn’t.  Is that fair?

Democrats ALWAYS ignore the obvious dangers while they hyperventilate over false dangers like AR-15s and Global Warming…. Too much of this story being withheld.  

Trystan Andrew Terrell, 22 – is facing lethal injection for the murder of two people on the UNC-Charlotte campus Tuesday evening.  He was a History dropout….(probably a Democrat)… Maybe a manly haircut would have improved his outlook on life?

When the Poway Synagogue killer – 19-year old John Earnest, – is tried and convicted of premeditated murder, California today can give him the Death Penalty, except for Governor Newsom’s moratorium…  California will feed Earnest for decades, – unless he meets Jaime Osuna. When liberals argue against the Death Penalty, are they worried that a […]

Atkins: What a STUD! 28 years old and still cribbing at GrandMa’s place.

RIP: Officer Michael Chesna

July 15th, 2018

Weymouth loses a hero.   Massachusetts gains another wasted sperm lifer – who may kill again in prison – or escape. Lopes was arrested just 9 months ago for selling cocaine to minors and resisting arrest.   What judge let him loose?

This may be one of the top 5 evil and scary things you’ll ever see…. I just hope the Florida Jury gets to see it when they consider the elements of motive,  premeditation,  and state of mind.  This POS was fully aware of Right vs Wrong,  – and was explaining why he had chosen evil.  3-minute […]

Across our land good cops are being gunned down,  – it seems like almost every week.  It’s time for some lasting JUSTICE! Let’s bring back the Death Penalty for all those who kill Cops, Firemen, EMTs, Judges and Court Officers, Corrections Officers,  – and babies!