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Go ahead,  – Google the word ‘Arkancide‘  – the unfortunate series of coincidences, suicides, unexplained deaths, airplane crashes, and unsolved murders of people associated with the Clintons since their days in Arkansas…. Hillary’s base – her devoted core of angry frustrated women who have ‘waited all their lives for a WOMAN PRESIDENT’ – will dismiss […]

Blood dripping from her hands,   – dried blood on her shoes,  – a trail of dead bodies covered with lies,…and still all Democrats can say is “It’s time for a WOMAN!”

ARKANCIDE! Their Trail Of Corpses

September 6th, 2015

Grab a beverage Folks,   and take a deep breath.   You’ll be watching this for awhile – it’s almost 2 hours long…a disturbing trip back in History.   If you’re too young to remember any of this,  – then it’s about time you had your eyes opened! If any of you MoonBats and “Democrats” can […]

IGNORE THOSE DEAD BODIES:   “What difference does it make at this point?   I’m the next Queen!” America’s mindless political peasants [i.e. Democrat voters] are expected not to know anything about Hillary’s trail of dead bodies.  If they hear anything – by accident,  – they’re expected to shrug it off as ‘sexist Republican lies‘.