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How many times must we write these stories – of FAT FEMALE STATE BOSSES who blow their job of supervising the people under them?  Olga Roche,  MaryBeth Heffernan,  JudyAnn Bigby,  Andrea Cabral,  Sherri Killins,  and now Erin Deveney of the RMV…. Fat people may do just fine at DESK JOBS (near the lunch room),  – […]

Like the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, – Deval Patrick has washed his hands of a situation his own DCF created. He ~ thinks ~ maybe this story will go away? 453 days of illegal captivity by the state government HE controls? No, it’s not going away! Lawsuits will go on for years. As I post […]

Make The Decision Deval!

April 29th, 2014

For a guy who thinks he’s good enough to be President – Deval Patrick can’t make a decision or pull the trigger. Deval, it’s way past time for Olga Roche to go. FIRE HER! We know Deval likes to hire fat chicks, – he hired a ton of them.

Confronted by Pelletier family spokesman Reverend Patrick Mahoney, our cowardly lying governor Deval Patrick weaves, bobs, and dances around the truth, – hiding behind ‘the court’ and the DCF – which he controls. Just imagine, – he really thinks he’s presidential material.  Tell Duh-val what you think: 617  725-4005.

BREAKING!  2-yr old dead in Yarmouth…. – Deval Patrick    – DO YOU HAVE A CLUE? CALL our stupid Governor – DEMAND he fire Olga Roche!   617  725-4005

We Want Her Head Deval!

February 10th, 2014

Dead kids, – 25% of the case workers unqualified,  – and over 500 foster parents with criminal records are not anecdotes any more Governor; – they’re your business-as-usual! We’ll be rid of you next January – not a day too soon!  Meanwhile we want Olga Roche’s damned head – on a stick if necessary!   FIRE […]

…for DCF Commissioner Olga Roche…. Olga had a closed-doors hearing today with the Legislature.  Since she’s one of Deval Patrick’s diversity hires,…you’d think they’d go easy on her…?   Deval sure has!  Olga, did you have a good breakfast before you came?