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Little wonder that RiNOs like Scott Brown, Charlie Baker, Ron Kaufman, Momma Kangas, the Mouseketeer, Jeb Bush, Willard, and John Kasich continue to make headlines,  – when local RTCs don’t even bother to acknowledge local elections or vet the Agenda 21 candidates for local office. RESULTS:    Only 360 of 14,512 registered voters showed up.   […]

Pathetic RiNOs On Parade

February 23rd, 2011

People sometimes ask me skeptically what my definition of a RiNO is.  I usually talk about “Cafeteria Republicans”, who somehow are very concerned with taxes and spending – or a 41B development near their mansions, but are quite willing to cave on school budgets, abortion, gay marriage, DA/DT, the 2nd Amendment, and Socialist-inspired unconstitutional laws. […]