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Obama’s political guru makes the case for electing Mitt Romney and dumping the fraud now in the White House.  This will go down in history as a highly memorable campaign moment.  Too funny!

Spinning The Lame Duck

September 3rd, 2011

An agonizing dilemma faces Democrats as 2012 looms. With just 14 short months until Election Day, their Messiah looks ever more lame, inept, unfocused, and irrelevant every day. Democratic insiders and spinmeisters are agonizing over how to portray the tale of this past 2½ years in a way which can recapture the rapture of 2008. Even they […]

 If they help re-elect Obama, they will! By July 2011 – with the next General Election just 16 months away – even the most casual observer of American Politics will have noted that Barack Obama is decidedly pro-Muslim, pro-Arab, and even more decidedly anti-Israel. In 2008 Jewish voters voted overwhelmingly – 78% – for Obama. They […]

The “crisis” was concocted for the benefit of the world press, with the intent of vilifying Israel.  For Hamas it would be a win-win situation any way it ended.  They got their wish.  By way of background,  the biblical strip of blood soaked sand and rock known as Gaza has been under Hamas control since their […]