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Where there’s SMOKE,…there’s FIRE!  Behind closed doors Trey Gowdy – the closest thing Republicans have to a junk yard dog – is grilling Hillary sycophant Sidney Blumenthal about Benghazi, – when in walks Darrell Issa who failed to get to the bottom of the treason…for 2 long years. Gowdy escorted him out – and there […]

Will Gruber pull a Lois Lerner? MIT’s most arrogant blabbermouth takes the witness stand today before the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee – to testify about his role in hoodwinking the House – and the American people about ObamaCare. Suddenly famous for videos where he’s stated that the Bill was written to fool the […]

My New Favorite Federal Judge

October 1st, 2013

DC District Judge Amy Berman Jackson rules AGAINST  Eric Holder!  Refuses to quash House subpoena for Fast & Furious documents and communication records – stuff Holder, Clinton and Obama want kept secret – because the 2000 guns smuggled into Mexico have killed upwards of 50,000 Mexicans – some drug cartel members – but mostly innocent […]

NOTHING about Operation Gunrunner – aka ‘Fast and Furious‘ is what it appears to be. Don’t be fooled.  BE ALARMED! Caution, liberals won’t like reading this entry!