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Dana frightens so-called ‘feminists’ and liberals,  – because while she’s beautiful,  – she can think,  talk,  and shoot at the same time,  – and do it all without blaming men… Can’t wait to watch her new shows….

A fired up Dana Loesch as you’ve never seen her – blasts CNN,  the legacy media,  the FBI,  James Comey,  and the Broward County Sheriff – who failed to react to 39 flags. 16 minutes of righteous fury well worth your time!

Dana Loesch Bitch-Slaps Obama

January 9th, 2016

What’s not to love about this young lady…?

Folks,  given the lawlessness of the Obama Cartel,  – releasing drug pushers, – failing to deport Mexican thugs, – and importing Syrian killer,… ..maybe you should give yourself a good firearm this Christmas… Do some soul-searching…do you really think your ‘nice safe neighborhood’ means it can’t happen to you….