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20,000 inside – 30,000 outside….AntiFA didn’t show up! Rally Video and Photos below the fold: 

Dallas Texas – the 147th Annual Meeting of the NRA! Trump comes on at the 50 minute mark: video

Hillary Removes Another Protester

November 18th, 2015

Her aides are ruthless in eliminating any sign of opposition.  At a rally in Mountain View College – a community college in Dallas,  a man holding a small polite protest sign was intimidated and removed. It seems that at first he had a large sign listing her sins, – and one of the 1,500 ‘nice […]

Contrast And Compare…

September 15th, 2015

CAUTION Hillary Fans:   Story and photos may induce PAIN and VOMITING! Decorah, Iowa to Dallas, Texas   – 200  vs  20,000.   OUCH! Hillary was at Luther College yesterday – attempting to mock Trump to an intimate gathering of some 200 followers… Trump spoke to an overflow crowd of 20,000 in Dallas.