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Two Turkish Soldiers – allegedly captured by ISIS in Aleppo,  are humiliated and executed in one of the most savage ways possible. Of course ISIS video-taped every minute of it.   YouTube has since removed the videos,  but if you have a strong stomach – there are screen grabs. EXTREME CAUTION!

If only you had a solid reputation to stand on,…but you don’t.  If only we were conditioned to trust you,  – but you’ve conditioned us to be totally suspicious of your motives and your maneuvers. Last Wednesday,  in the commotion of the approaching blizzard,  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suddenly reversed himself – and introduced […]

    …and claims THEY shot down the Russian passenger jet over the Sinai – killing 224 people – including 25 kids.   Egyptian officials say they’ve got the black boxes,   so this claim may be proven an exaggerated propaganda boast,  – but ISIS delights in claiming responsibility for tragedies. Meanwhile, just remember Qaddafi’s 20,000 ManPADS that […]

He’s blocking Arab leaders from sending them arms.  He’s also left Jordan twisting in the wind…. America has few willing allies left in the world ready to aid us in fighting evil.  So why would Obama turn a cold shoulder to two of them?   Look no further than the desk right outside the Oval Office…

Jaysh al-Islam is a force of very fundamentalist Sunni fighters opposed to the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.  Turns out – they also hate Daesh / ISIS too.  They’ve just released an execution video to prove their point. Perhaps to mock ISIS,  the Jaysh al-Islam fighters in the execution squad have donned orange jumpsuits for the […]

Damascus and Baghdad may be just weeks from falling to an ISIS bloodbath, and Obama has no plan? He’s blaming the Iraqis of course. He always blames somebody. He follows in bloody footprints.  Wilson had no plan.  Neither did Truman, Kennedy, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, or Bubba Clinton.  EACH FAILED!  Democrats NEVER have a PLAN, – […]

His “JV Squad” just took Ramadi, and they’re beheading hundreds. The Chinese are claiming the Spratly Islands,  the Russians are drilling in the Arctic and stealing the Ukraine,  the Iranian Twelvers are laughing as they build Atomic Bombs,  the Saudis are going to buy bombs from Pakistan,  and Boko Haram is running wild across the […]

Don’t let the snatch mission to grab Abu Sayyaf fool you, – it was a distraction from the main event. As you read this, there is fighting going on in Ramadi – just 55 miles west of Baghdad.  ISIS goons – mostly untrained soldiers – are chasing Iraqi soldiers and their Iranian Kuds Force ‘partners’ […]

The Beheadings Continue

April 7th, 2015

Don’t ever doubt your fate under ISIS, particularly if you are Hamas. It seems that Daesh / ISIS feels that Hamas isn’t Islamic enough – or militant enough, – to be allowed to keep their heads. They just beheaded a ranking Hamas official in a refugee camp in Syria.  So much for Islamic solidarity…

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi had to depart by sea,  – because going to the airport would have been a death sentence. Don’t look now DemoCRAPS,  but Obama JUST LOST a major campaign in the war on Muslim Terrorists.  Just 6 months ago he was calling Yemen an example of his smarter strategy…