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Just 6½ years later….my,…how time flies….

Perhaps the Propaganda Ministry was so busy breathing their collective sigh of relief that Biden didn’t step on his foreskin last night,  – they just plain forgot to cover the protests outside….? There is SO MUCH damning video of Biden,  the organizers are going to need more trucks! video:

There is something very wrong inside Joe Biden’s head,  – something that was in there years before the dementia took hold. It didn’t take long to compile these photos – there are hundreds more…

The Times knows full well that any ‘investigation’ by the DNC is utterly meaningless;  – it would be a total sham.   BUT,  just them TALKING about this issue is a signal to Democrats that the Biden Ticket is a loser. This will be FUN to watch!  Think of all the scurrilous Dems who have recently endorsed […]