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My God Joe,  – WHAT did you do to look so vulnerable?  Better question: what have you DONE? It seems like she may have been recruited to come to Boston to test how much weight the Kennedy name still has here….

Creeping Jihad is everywhere, and the arrogant bastards are in your face – our Constitution be DAMNED! Muslims in Irving Texas decided to set up their own Sharia Court – complete with religious police…. Their goal was to establish the court, – have it operate over time, – and thus establish the precedent and thus […]

OLD NEWS – NEVER REPORTED:  Sept 3rd 2011  A Muslim man takes the concert stage in the Hague – and begins to lecture Queen Beatrix and the audience on Islam. Instinctively the orchestra quickly exits the stage, – the man is escorted to the police [who are familiar with him] – and he spends the […]