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They’re forever part of his legacy of treason!  Oh the irony, for the narcissist who wanted to go down in History as the “President who ENDED Bush’s Stupid Wars”. That feel-good Rose Garden make-believe photo-op moment has blown up in his face, – on the very same day President Hadi of Yemen had to evacuate by […]

Cowardice, – a T-time, – or sympathy with the enemy? …maybe just leading from…behind Jarrett’s skirts?  Think of all the wasted trips he’s gone on fund-raising and selling his socialist policies, – and this ONE trip he stayed home?  WHY? He told us years ago…

For many Americans Hope and Change have become WTF? Three KEY events tell the tale of a narcissistic wannabe agenda-driven pretender – unable to actually do the job. 

Obama Coulda’ Been Great

February 21st, 2012

There is great anger over what Obama has done to our country. But there’s an even greater unspoken sadness over what could have been, ~ perhaps ~ a president as great and grand as Washington, Lincoln, Reagan and FDR. Alas, it is a story of squandered opportunity– our ship of state run aground on the sandbars […]