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Campus shooter Chris Harper Mercer asked kids about their religion,  – so Obama went on TV to blame ‘gun violence’ and people who like guns… Before the victims’ blood had dried,  – Obama used the power of his office to command TV time to address mass shootings,  – and blame this nation as being unique […]

“I don’t want to spend the next year coming up here talking about Benghazi.” We have merely traded the arrogance of Hillary Clinton for the arrogance of John Kerry.  We are unlikely to ever learn the truth about Benghazi – or the Marathon Bombing…

A case of ‘When you’ve made it – flaunt it!’ From his myspace page – Darryl Foster lists himself as an alumni of George Mason Univ, Saint Leo Univ, and Mumford High in Detroit, and a 10-year USMC veteran. He says he works for the US Dept of Justice as a Supervisor of Equal Housing […]