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Says “Not the right time…” given that Jacksonville Florida has become a China virus hotspot. One less phony issue for the fake news to drumbeat!  Ha!

Nice job by the drone photographer!

UPDATE:   Friday, 17 July 2020   Killer CAUGHT!

VIDEO below the fold:

Using the Chinese Coronavirus as his excuse,  Democrat Charlie Faker signs Cheat-by-Mail Bill into law.   The Dems know Slow Joe can’t win an honest election.

His mind is like Swiss Cheese….(very sad).

New Yorkers are ratting each other out – settling old grudges,  – even sending in video. But a murder or rape…?   “I didn’t see nuttin’ Officer!”

It was a beautiful day in the Rose Garden!   Our Economy is REBOUNDING!

We can now see the 2020 Election Strategy of the Democrat Party aided by their media allies, – the Chinese News Network:  “Everybody is a VICTIM – and it’s all Trump’s fault…”. Four years ago we joked that CNN stood for the Clinton News Network.   We were short-sighted;  they’ve always been the ChiComm News Network,  […]

PROOF that they KNOW the disease is not a threat to average citizens in good health.  So why the hysteria…? UPDATE:  Tuesday 26 May 2020