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Could it be Charlie needs the tax revenue to pay state workers,  – or is this just “Fuck Trump”?

Coronavirus Question

January 20th, 2021

We were driving through on business – stopped in at an old favorite place.  They’re hurting trying to stay in business and comply with royal decrees which make no sense.

For 65 years,  – since the days of LBJ,  America has had a growing impoverished and nearly destitute underclass living in big city ghettos,  and living on welfare checks and government handouts. Now state governors want all of us living by the grace and benevolence of government officials.  Once Americans rallied to shoot British soldiers.  […]

In Burton Michigan,  Zander Anthony Smith never stood a chance.  His governor is a vicious tyrant,  – he was being raised in a den of thieves,  – and then the tyrant closed his last oasis of stability and hope – the schools. On Saturday, October 24th, police came for Zander’s body.  He’d been playing Russian […]

Soldier – Baseball Player – Country Music Hall of Famer Charley never had time for victimhood or racism!

The left-wing media and much of the ‘medical profe$$ion’ wasted no time in calling Hodkinson a dangerous wacko. Google his name and see the list of articles.   But listen to him for 5 minutes and judge for yourself:

By Executive Order Americans will get the various Coronavirus vaccines before they are shipped to other nations. By contrast,  Biden had been promising to start sharing millions of doses before all of our own citizens were protected.

Little did he suspect his CNN conference calls were being listened to and recorded by Project Veritas.   Zucker was as indifferent to his corporate security as he was with the immunity he enjoys under our 1st Amendment. If Veritas could dial in,  – so could the Russians and the Chinese.

As Fauci gets mega-rich from his Moderna stock,  – he’ll have the ear of the dementia-riddled pResident he’s been waiting to wire-guide. And when Kamala decides to invoke Amendment 25 § 4,   – the Doctor’s sworn declaration will be ever-so-credible….   Anybody believe Biden is thinking “…just 100 days”?