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Using the Chinese Coronavirus as his excuse,  Democrat Charlie Faker signs Cheat-by-Mail Bill into law.   The Dems know Slow Joe can’t win an honest election.

His mind is like Swiss Cheese….(very sad).

New Yorkers are ratting each other out – settling old grudges,  – even sending in video. But a murder or rape…?   “I didn’t see nuttin’ Officer!”

It was a beautiful day in the Rose Garden!   Our Economy is REBOUNDING!

We can now see the 2020 Election Strategy of the Democrat Party aided by their media allies, – the Chinese News Network:  “Everybody is a VICTIM – and it’s all Trump’s fault…”. Four years ago we joked that CNN stood for the Clinton News Network.   We were short-sighted;  they’ve always been the ChiComm News Network,  […]

PROOF that they KNOW the disease is not a threat to average citizens in good health.  So why the hysteria…? UPDATE:  Tuesday 26 May 2020

At first CNN didn’t know who Fauci was,  and they were bemoaning the lack of FACES OF COLOR at Trump’s first Coronavirus meeting.  Then when they could see a way to steal the 2020 Election, “Doctor Lockdown” became their darling…. Suddenly in just the space of a week Fauci has changed his tune.  Did a […]

America’s most incompetent (and arrogant) government agency – rivaling the FBI… After America’s wives and mothers emptied the store shelves,…some answers are due.

Casually mentions during press availability that he’s been taking Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin (Z-Pak),  and zinc.   You could hear the media hacks choking on their tongues. Watch now as the left-wing media mob soil themselves on live TV,  – since this ISN’T Doctor Fauci’s approved Remdesivir.