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In MassHole, keeping cops alive is NOT a Democrat priority!   But keeping you DISARMED, – and Planned Murderhood open and funded, – IS. Thomas Latanowich – age 29, – 111 prior convictions, “violent and dangerous”,  – ambushed a cop and shot him in the head Thursday.  We have NO Death Penalty,  – so we’ll […]

One of Governor MoonBeam’s “Dreamers”  – twice-deported Mexican felon Luis Enriquez Bracamontes,  – who shot and killed two sheriff’s deputies in 2014,  – mocks the judge and threatens to kill again. When Democrats are talking about DACA Kids, they’re not all Rhodes Scholars.  This is the kind of twisted evil that would be granted amnesty […]

And Texas juries aren’t shy about imposing it! Cop-Killer Otis Tyrone McKane has about 18 months to live…. Captured the day after his ambush killing of San Antonio Police Officer Ben Marconi,  Otis said “…he was upset about a child custody issue…”…

Cop Killer Nabbed In Rhode Island

September 14th, 2016

Rhode Island State Police SWAT Team captured a young goon early this morning – wanted in the shooting death of a North Carolina Police Officer. At just 23 years old,  Irving Lucien Fenner ~ could have been ~ Obama’s missing son…, OR,  just another Black man with a wasted life,  – thanks to the false […]

Cop-Killer Eric Frein Captured

October 30th, 2014

Here come the lawyers and the hand-wringing social workers….

How To Be A Dumb-Ass Mayor

April 11th, 2014

Prove your liberal stripes by attending a cop-killer’s funeral the same day you cancel the memorial service for the slain cop. Newly elected New Bern, NC Mayor Dana E. Outlaw has angered law-enforcement officers across the land – with two (2) really dumb-assed moves: FIRST: He decided to attend the funeral of