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The GOP is seemingly ineffective.  They can’t get candidates elected any more.  And when they do, their mainstream candidates look like Democrats. The Democrats are forever intent on replacing traditional religion with the new sacred worship of environment, or pseudogods like immigration amnesty, government healthcare, and government takeover of personal responsibility. Is it time for […]

I’m offering a guest post from Bettina Romberg.  Mrs RR and I know Bettina from past meetings of the Greater Lowell Tea Party.  We’ve remained in touch as we see each other at various meetings.  Last Sunday, Mrs RR and I were at the GOAL Meeting (2/17/2013) in Boxborough.  Jim Wallace of GOAL was the […]


Evil Is Upon Us! Hello Americans, I have said for over a year that Obama’s goal goes well beyond simply being our pResident.   Being our first Black pResident means very little to him.   His vision, and his plans go well beyond America.   Undoing us is only a necessary first step. The bi-polar Cold War world I […]