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GE picked up and left.  How much longer will Sikorsky and Colt carry the burden?

Hartford CT Is Totally Phooked!

September 7th, 2017

Cut spending?   Are you kidding?   They’ll RAISE TAXES!

Illinois has been without a budget for years, Connecticut has a $2.3 Billion deficit, and California is bankrupt for the second time, – so bad they might start paying state workers in Pesos. Mind you, California’s ‘super-smart governor Jerry “MoonBeam’ Brown managed to ‘miscalculate costs for the state’s MediCal program by $1.9 Billion’ last year; […]

When A Liar Backs A Liar

September 16th, 2010

It must be tough on a former “Combat Marine” to be getting his ass whupped by a girl.  Unless of course he’s not really a “Combat” Marine; – just a stateside one who lied and told war stories about it for nearly 40 years.  Good thing that nice liberal Judge Smith out in San Francisco’s […]