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Another key staffer to the bobble-head Whore-in-Waiting is departing the zoo.   It says a LOT about her leadership and her team-building skills.

She’s 79,  – in Congress for these past 26 years,  and she’s had moments where her faculties are in question.  This lifelong socialist race-baiter has been fixated on impeaching Trump since January 20th. Her brain is too filled with racism to separate Fake News from FACTS,  – and she fully believes the worst.  The problem […]

As the 2012 Presidential and Congressional races begin, the incumbent Democrats are beginning to try out their tried-and-true sound bites – ‘Racism‘, ‘Jim Crow‘, lynching, and ‘TEA Party‘.  There will be a steady daily diet of these charges for the next 14 months, and many voters will be duly intimidated. [if video loads slowly – […]