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Early Sunday morning – Salt Lake City – a hotel parking lot – and a gang of Black youths take exception to a small Confederate flag decal on the back of a Wyoming pick-up truck…. [graphic video below the fold] Remember it was Obama back on June 26th – who declared war on the Confederate […]

ATTN: AG Loretta Lynch!   Will you investigate this as a HATE CRIME?  A Black Man has been killed! Down in Oxford Mississippi,  Anthony Hervey defied stereotypes.   Educated, informed, and outspoken in his beliefs, – and a long-time strong supporter of the Confederate Flag – as a symbol of History.

Is Stone Mountain Next?

June 23rd, 2015

Across the Muslim World – fundamentalist groups like the Taliban,  al Qaeda,  and most recently Daesh / ISIS have busied themselves destroying any and all artworks and antiquities – some dating back thousands of years. Anything THEY deem ‘offensive to Islam’ must be destroyed…. And now here comes Amerika’s Politically Correct Taliban – to haul […]