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From his living room in Vermont – decorated like an office in the Lubyanka Prison,  – Bernie the Buzzard suspends his White House quest…. In his communist mind – the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic is ‘PROOF’ that America needs a single-payer government-controlled health-care system. VIDEO:

It’s the political party built to preserve slavery,  grown after our Civil War on an unreasoned fear of freed slaves and factory owners.  Democrats always use fear to garner votes. Now,  captives of their own fears about Bernie,  – they’re reluctantly propelling an obviously dementia addled old man as their 2020 nominee.  It’s too late […]

He stormed onto the World Stage as a “Liberating Freedom Fighter”,  – then he told us he was really a Communist,  – and very anti-American….(because he needed a bogyman to blame). His last ride out of Havana was emblematic of the failures of his ruthless tyrannical attempts to improve the lives of the Cuban people.