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It’s been a ruthless 8-year battle between the so-called Know-it-ALLS of modern education, – and the Citizens who still clung bitterly to their guns and common sense! The evil scheme to dumb down your kids and grand-kids,  – to make them ignorant and subservient slaves to their iPhones – has FAILED!   Thank your local TEA […]

Common Core Math For Hillary

December 21st, 2016

Princess Walking Eagle (bird so full of shit cannot fly) katch’um Lurch disease – need’um constant TV cameras in face. She’s up for re-election in 2 years, ~ unless ~ President Hillary appoints her to some no-heavy-lifting post, – like head of the CFPB,  – the Federal Reserve Board,  – or the Supreme Court. Are […]

While you were thinking about Trump,  Bernie,  and Hillary in the 5-state primaries,  – the “Republican-controlled” [traitors!] US Senate just gave Obama his Common-Core pick for Secretary of Education. By approving John B. King Jr.  – they’ve sold you out again,  – and given King 10 more months to waste money, bully school districts, and […]

At first the CPAC crowd was booing her,…until they started to listen as she called out the guilty…. Listen for that moment of stunned silence as she outs Kasich…

That God-Awful Sound of Silence,…when they’re just not buying your act…. 33-second video below the fold:

Common Core’s Evil Exposed!

January 22nd, 2016

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas strike again – and some of the evil people who’ve been pushing Common Core into your schools have been caught on tape. Video [a little jumpy] below the fold.  If you have kids or grand-kids  – you need to understand the level of EVIL that Common Core is…

Hey,…just maybe…your $35 MILLION DOLLAR ad campaign is actually…pissing people off…?

The RiNO with money to burn ‘relaunched’  – for the 5th time yesterday,  – still claiming to have ‘leadership‘,  – but still refusing to embrace Republican principles… And he said he wouldn’t bash anybody else – as he was bashing them….

Ted Cruz Wows Value Voter Summit

September 26th, 2015

He just won their straw poll – third year running!   For my money,  there is no candidate from either party who understands our Constitution to the depths that Ted does. He’ll run circles around Hillary, Sanders, Biden, or any MoonBat!