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We Need The Death Penalty Back!

February 26th, 2016

Philip Chism will be sentenced today for the murder and rape of Math Teacher Colleen Ritzer – 28 months ago.  He was 14,  and full of anger from something that had happened back in Tennessee…  She was 24. Later Chism would attack a female case worker at the state hospital where he was being examined.  To […]

Too much premeditation – jury didn’t buy his ‘insanity defense’.

Teenage Murderer Taunts Justice

November 17th, 2015

Crazy – like a fox?  Murderer/rapist Philip Chism methodically builds a case for insanity – almost as if he’s receiving expert advice on how to do it. He’s building a case of insanity – so his murder conviction can be overturned upon appeal.  In this state it might just work….

14-year old Philip Chism held w/out bail – to be tried as an adult. Gruesome details emerge – he admitted following her into restroom, punched her face, slit her throat w/ a boxcutter.  Carried her body outside in a trash cart.  Then he went to the movies.                                         Will Obama say: “Philip could’a been me…”? […]