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Desperate Nike Takes A Knee

September 4th, 2018

Nike CEO Mark Parker is a desperate man.  His 2016 salary ($47.6 million) was dropped 71% due to poor sales.  Nike laid off 1000 people and cut Mark’s pay to a measly $13.9 million in 2017. Now he hired Colin Kaepernick – to boost his sales into America’s Black inner cities.  Will he name his […]

We have a Patriot in the White House!   Trump dis-invites the Philadelphia Eagles over threats to continue kneeling during our National Anthem. Trump is hardly the only American,  – or the only football fan who is tired of highly paid (millionaire/ min rookie salary $450,000) athletes (gladiators) bringing their racial victimhood politics onto the […]

How To End A Baseball Career

October 29th, 2017

Bruce Maxwell is a troubled young man.   The only Major League Baseball player to ‘take a knee’ during our National Anthem during the 2017 season,  –  his salary is $535,000. Saturday night – 28 October – barely a month after his display,  – he was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona – for pointing a gun at […]