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He makes about $4 Million a year, – has had a series of injuries, – and the usual seamy love-life most NFL gladiators seem to live. A Grand Jury in no-nonsense New Hampshire just indicted him.  How many practices and games will he miss….?  I won’t be watching!

If a Biden is involved, – you just know it’s dirty. The Ukraine is broke, and being invaded by Russia – allegedly over the “protection of Russian Nationals”, – and natural gas.  Young Son of Plugs has found a way to line his pockets. Hunter Biden is now on the Board of Directors of Burisma […]

RFK Jr. Unglued In Florida

October 14th, 2010

The 3-way senate race in Florida is getting ugly.  Yesterday another no-class Kennedy added his chirping to the din.  Watch Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [Bobby and Ethel’s 3rd of 11] make snide remarks about Republicans and Tea Party “crackpots” as he endorses sure loser Charlie Crist.  In the follow-up he makes it plain that he […]