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Her stunningly callous answer to the most basic question proves she has little or no regard for Americans who are victims of illegal immigrants…. Democrats simply don’t care about Americans, – certainly not about White Americans!

Professor Turley thinks McCabe just indicted Comey for perjury. I’m old enough to remember the Watergate hearings….how when the various insiders were in the spotlight – under oath – their words came tumbling out – (except for one man – G. Gordon Liddy….who went to jail rather than talk).  Today there are similarities:

In your FACE Infidels! Bombers mother – from Dagestan [she skipped bail on a shoplifting charge] tells CNN she doesn’t care – “Allahu Akbar!” Remember we gave this family refugee status, EBT cards, scholarships, and younger son even got citizenship.  I’d call her an ungrateful bitch – but I have great respect for dogs.  Hear […]

David Plouffe – Obama’s quasi-gay Senior Advisor [aka sound bite-meister] suddenly gets a hard interview from CNN’s Candy Crowley. Listen to his rapid-fire lying answers. MoonBats will swallow his stuff whole – in midair. A hard interview from CNN? Wow! Is the worm turning?

Morning-After Oops for Romney

February 1st, 2012

Make that a DOUBLE Oops! First, Republican Rules were set up so that any state primary held before April 1st must be split proportionally. Mitt won’t be a ‘winner-take-all’ in Florida. He’ll get way less than 50 delegates, and Newt will get some. More fur to fly. Then there is the unfortunate CNN interview Wednesday […]