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In every Democrat (communist)-run city in America there are blocks of tent cities – homeless squatters shitting on our sidewalks, taking drugs, and destroying property values. Why is the Biden-Obama Administration importing hordes of Third World socialists – in the midst of a “COVID Pandemic”?

Obamanomics 2015

June 5th, 2015

Inexorably making us ALL wards of the State! As the Labor Department was bragging about a mere 280,000 jobs added in May,  what was being ignored is the 92,986,000 no longer in the workforce.

We saw the Devel at work yesterday; – he is one slick, evil, cunning bastard! Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick hauled out the local clerics as stage props to sell the Obama Refugee Resettlement Plan

We see the depths of his cynicism and depravity at a Border Patrol station in Nogales. He’s using kids in a psychological warfare game – to break the will to resist of the anti-amnesty forces. He doesn’t care if these kids are ever reunited with their parents.