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Kim Jung-Un urgently wants two (2) things,  – the trade sanctions lifted from his kingdom,  and international recognition as a legitimate ruler,  – the equal of China’s Xi, Russia’s Putin, or Donald Trump. He was stunned when Trump abruptly cut off talks in Hanoi six weeks ago and flew home.  He’d been expecting an invitation […]

Clinton – Sanders – O’Malley – Webb – Chafee – and maybe Biden as a last-minute walk on. Things to watch for….make your own scorecard. I’m expecting a proforma night from Moderator Anderson Cooper – who is openly gay – and sure to ask some gay-focused questions. The BIG DRAMA will center around Hillary – […]

Five Democratic Presidents

November 22nd, 2013

From ~ OK ~ to bad to incompetent to untrustworthy to evil!

The Worst Years Of My Life!

July 15th, 2012

Didn’t ANYbody else see these lying bastards coming?

Who’s negotiating in Egypt?

February 5th, 2011

(Posted from the Reagan Centennial celebration at the Reagan Library… where Mrs RR and I are having a great time.) rr I was listening to news reports about the situation in Egypt and saw and read statement about opposition party leaders negotiating with official of Mubarak’s government.  That got me wondering.  Who are these opposition […]

Fire Bombs On Your Block

January 23rd, 2011

There are people in high office who should be in jail.   If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a ‘bit of a problem’ in the US housing market.  A lot of homes have been foreclosed.  Politicians and citizen’s groups are ‘outraged’ and fighting back. And there’s probably a foreclosed home [or one about to be] […]

On the surface it would seem that Florida Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek is the perfect Democrat.  Big, handsome, son of a former Florida Congresswoman, star college football player, former Captain in the Florida State Troopers, former Florida House and Senate member, currently a Member of Congress from the 17th District, pro-abortion [even late-term] and pro gay […]

For the past three weeks Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and William Jefferson “Good Hands” Clinton have been traveling around the country to bolster the campaigns of ‘important’ Democrats they think might be in danger of being dumped by voters next week. The Messiah came to help Duh-val, and Bubba came to help Bwarny Fwank. But […]