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They’re following every legal step in keeping with NY Laws to notify the State of a “plant shutdown”…. How very fortunate that once they were both ‘lawyers‘….   So how are they disbursing the leftover money…?

The more I watch,  the less I trust them….  It seems the only thing they can report honestly is the track of a hurricane…. I did watch Trump’s Town Hall in Sanborn last night, – a quiet event where he took questions from an invited [friendly] audience.  But few political events these past 10 years […]

Once upon a time in far-away Chappaqua,  Global Warming Hillary Clinton lived happily – counting the big money rolling in from anti-Global Warming ExxonMobil.   B-I-G MONEY soothes all kinds of travesties… But then,…ExxonMobil wised up – and stopped paying into the Wicked Witch’s Political Slush Fund.  Now she wants them ‘investigated’.  Sort of reminds you of […]