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The saddest part is all he ever had to do was honor his OATH to our Constitution,  – not try to steer History…or make himself look like a hero.

Yet another cautionary tale about why smart people avoid doing any business with the Clintons.  Back on December 15th, – when the bodies were found hanging by their indoor pool, – it was dismissed as a “sad murder-suicide”. Now Toronto Police are calling it murder – by a team of killers.

This story has yet to make the Propaganda Ministry,  – but it will someday be known as the greatest TREASON and the biggest SELLOUT of America,  – by a sitting president and his anti-America cartel. Take 5 minutes – listen, and tuck the basics away in your memory.  Then remember Hillary in 2009 giving Russian […]

Yes the election of 2016 is over,….but the Clinton Crime Cartel isn’t going away.  In fact,…multiple sources indicated that Daughter Chelsea is being readied for a 2018 run for Congress. And if – God forbid – Trump stumbles badly,….Hillary will bounce up in 2020 to say “I told you so!”,  and her millions of mindless […]

In countries you might not find on an unmarked map – the Clintons have found ways to amass fortune after fortune.  The results are always the same;  thugs prosper,  people suffer and are often murdered, – and the US ends up looking like the villain. The scope of their evil is breath-taking.  This video ~ […]

Add three (3) more names to the Arkancide list….

Her Royal Highness DEMANDS!

July 28th, 2016

Already she thinks she rules the airwaves….. See the ad – and what she told the Indians:

Die-hard Hillaryphiles see nothing wrong with this…. The QUESTION is – do you? 

Anderson Cooper should NEVER have been selected or agreed to moderate.  He’s just proven himself to be without ethics. With just 6 hours to go, – can or will CNN even bother to find a non-partisan replacement? CNN: The Clinton News Network?  TY Matt Drudge!  We always knew there’d be shit in the game, – […]

She’s been dodging reporters for weeks as scandals drip-drip-drip… …if only George Stephanopoulos was there to toss softballs…