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For several weeks McCabe has been pouting around Washington playing the role of “Trump’s VICTIM”.  He even collected over $500,000 from the GoFundMe crowd-funding website,  – proving there are lots of Trump-haters with money to spend on lost causes. Now the IG Report has been released,  – 35 pages of SOBERING BAD NEWS for McCabe […]

Bill Whittle succinctly sums up what we’ve been watching:  “…he is the assented wet dream of [the liberal media]”… “…money for influence raw naked graft at the intersection of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation….”

If there was ever a long-forgotten Goddess of Bad Karma,  Withered Crops,  and Retribution, – surely her name was Hillary! “The Heiress to the Throne” can’t seem to catch a break; – new crap keeps surfacing every day.  Today she gets a double dose:   Swiss Bank UBS and Bill’s “Energizer” Gal-Pal.

….they’d call him “George”!   Former Clinton White House Press Secretary turned ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos turns out to be one of those ‘undisclosed donors’ to the Clinton Foundation [aka Slush Fund], – – to the tune of $75,000.oo. This explains why he’s been a cheerleader and defender – instead of a journalist.   I can […]

The Saudis don’t much care if she’s a lying traitor,  – in fact,  that’s exactly what they’re paying for! She understands how the game is played.  Most Americans don’t remember when Bill gave key military technology to the Chinese in return for re-election funding.