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Nothing quite shouts “MoonBat” like driving a little blue $32+K Prius – to save the environment, – even as volcanoes around the world spew out CO2 and ash – enough to divert airliners….

Traitor-in-Chief tells top generals and admirals that “…resilience to Climate Change must drive all programs, plans, operations, and policies”.   Could Obama be the reincarnation of Emperor Nero…?   Is Marco Rubio right – that all his foolishness and misdirection of our strategic resources is deliberate treason? 


December 12th, 2015

Somebody – PLEASE – give this giant treasonous EGO a friggin’ Nobel Prize,  – so he can stop wandering the corners of the Earth screwing things up…. Maybe the Committee could come up with an appropriate category – “The Nobel Prize in Escargot Recycling”?

Maryland’s third US Senator – the “Ice Cream Man” – aka Boston’s Ed Markey – was in full ranting form Tuesday against the feared and hated climate change deniers. Thank GOD Mark Steyn has the balls to talk back to the ignorant pompous babbling fool.  It was the only entertainment in an otherwise very long […]

If you ~ thought ~ you understood the ongoing war in Syria, – you probably didn’t.   Almost every day now a new wrinkle is revealed, – and there ain’t none of them pretty. Within days of Turkey downing a Russian Su-24,  – and ‘rebels’ on the ground killing the Russian pilot,….’somebody’ [Russian jets?] bombed a […]

She’s made up her mind;  – “Most voters are downright stupid!” “Screw American energy independence;  – screw those unions!”   There are way more Green Weenies about to vote than Construction Union hardhats.

John Kerry de la Mancha

February 19th, 2014

Tall,  skinny, – totally irrelevant, – America’s own Don Quixote wanders the Third World in search of Alfred Nobel’s Gold Prize. With Egypt, Syria, Kiev and Venezuela ablaze, – and Hamid Karzai releasing Taliban murderers, – Mister Kerry has found his ‘calling’:

Low information voters and gullible Obamaphiles will believe he’s by-passing a ‘difficult congress’ to get to work on Climate Change. MoonBats will swoon anew… But at RRB we’re pretty sure that even Obama doesn’t think he can change the weather or hold back the tides.   But by Executive Order he wants to ‘prepare us’.  […]