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…well,…actually they die from BAD ideas that just sounded good. The Crispy Critters of Grenfell Tower died believing that by living in an over-clad high-rise apartment building,  – they were “helping to save Mother Earth”.

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron reached out to America’s Global Warming Worshipers. “To all scientists,  engineers,  entrepreneurs,  responsible citizens who were disappointed by the decision of the president of the United States, I want to say that they will find in France a second homeland.”

He tells everybody that he’s “Just a Socialist” – knowing 99% of Americans can’t explain the difference between a Progressive, – a Socialist, – and a Communist. It’s all about achieving absolute equality – not of ability, – but of the social outcome – where the wealth of the rich is taken and redistributed to […]

Just when you think left-wing political thinking cannot get any more twisted and perverted…. …Washington DC’s LGBT community decided to hold a “Queer Dance” to protest President Trump’s roll-back of Obama’s climate change executive orders.   Did they go to the White House…?

Nothing quite shouts “MoonBat” like driving a little blue $32+K Prius – to save the environment, – even as volcanoes around the world spew out CO2 and ash – enough to divert airliners….

Traitor-in-Chief tells top generals and admirals that “…resilience to Climate Change must drive all programs, plans, operations, and policies”.   Could Obama be the reincarnation of Emperor Nero…?   Is Marco Rubio right – that all his foolishness and misdirection of our strategic resources is deliberate treason? 


December 12th, 2015

Somebody – PLEASE – give this giant treasonous EGO a friggin’ Nobel Prize,  – so he can stop wandering the corners of the Earth screwing things up…. Maybe the Committee could come up with an appropriate category – “The Nobel Prize in Escargot Recycling”?

Maryland’s third US Senator – the “Ice Cream Man” – aka Boston’s Ed Markey – was in full ranting form Tuesday against the feared and hated climate change deniers. Thank GOD Mark Steyn has the balls to talk back to the ignorant pompous babbling fool.  It was the only entertainment in an otherwise very long […]

If you ~ thought ~ you understood the ongoing war in Syria, – you probably didn’t.   Almost every day now a new wrinkle is revealed, – and there ain’t none of them pretty. Within days of Turkey downing a Russian Su-24,  – and ‘rebels’ on the ground killing the Russian pilot,….’somebody’ [Russian jets?] bombed a […]