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The politics of greed,  envy,  class warfare,  racial hatred,  and control are back.  They’ve learned nothing from the bloodshed of the 20th Century. Now rebranded as the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA – the aging Berkeley radical Bob Avakian is again stirring up riots.

Even she acknowledged that her first campaign kickoff was a flop. She needed a do-over. So – for reasons this aging observer will never understand, – she went to The Land That Time Forgot, – Roosevelt Island in New York City’s East River, – to talk about her mother….

Rafael Cruz tells crowd how Castro spoke of Hope and Change… …and how people believed in him and followed him… …only to be betrayed… And yes,…Rafael is the proud father of US Senator Ted Cruz! We sure know that Obama’s father didn’t believe in our Constitution…and Obama sure couldn’t deliver this speech!

Obama: The New Hate-Monger

December 5th, 2012

Seething with hatred not seen since the Third Reich. Use your heads; – use your knowledge of History.  Look for those answers you’re genuinely afraid of.  Better to find them before they find you! Obama has launched a campaign of national hatred toward the rich, i.e. the successful.  Can you see it?  Do you understand […]

DNC 2012: My 1st Nite Take-Away

September 4th, 2012

Frankly, I couldn’t listen to all of each speech, but I heard enough to be truly frightened for my country. The theme seemed all about class warfare and racism, and about how it’s government’s job [Barack’s mission] to ensure that everybody gets to enjoy the hard work of more successful people.  Robin Hood politics played […]

The political miracle of the Century? Obama has done what NO Republican could ever do – turn lifetime UMW families against a Democrat! Union miners protest – loudly – VP Joe Biden’s visit in Ohio Thursday.  Looks like they’ve seen enough of Obama’s class warfare – since they’re smack in the middle of the losing […]

Vermont is famous for maple syrup, cheddar cheese, coddling pedophiles, and extreme left-wing politicians.  Here their highest-profile commie – Senator Bernie Sanders – starts ranting class warfare slogans instead of giving a straight answer. Sanders, nearly 71 – has been on the public payroll for the past 31 years! He’s not up for re-election until […]