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At age 14,  Coreco JaQuan Pearson delivers a smack-down to Hillary and the entire Democrap party.   He points out that EVEN IF it was Russian hackers,   – they did America a service by exposing the twisted evil of Hillary,  Podesta,  and the DNC! If he’ right, – the Russian hackers served us better than our […]

CJ Pearson Proves Obama A Coward

September 24th, 2015

Just Imagine:   You’ve got the Pope of Rome and the President of China visiting – simultaneously. Together they represent nearly 3 BILLION PEOPLE.  | But your fight of the day – actually overnight, – was to block a 13-year old critic from your Twitter feed?    Then you have a staff puke deny it? Totally […]

CJ Pearson Is BACK!

September 21st, 2015

And he’s calling out Obama about who gets WH invitations! This young patriot is more direct and more eloquent than most of the RiNOs currently running for President.

Is she a Twitter nobody – or a true danger to the Pearson family? A self-described left-wing [“to the left of the Dems/libs”] black woman issued a series of threatening tweets to 12-year old CJ Pearson and his family.  Now if an adult white woman had threatened a black child….

“You don’t love America!  If you did…you would call ISIS what it really is…” He’s just twelve – but as articulate and passionate as Allan West! ASS-KICKING clip below the fold – guaranteed to swell your heart with pride!