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In launching his long-planned 2020 campaign, our National Village Idiot proves again that he doesn’t know or understand History, our American Heritage, or the American People. He doesn’t even understand the sordid disgraceful history of his own Democrat Party….

This is NOT the ‘Springtime in Paris” that their tourism industry relies upon. This looks a lot like the beginnings of a civil war,  and their globalist boy-president Emmanuel Macron has no clue… Between Paris and Venezuela,  – do you think America’s young Globalists and Socialist can garner a clue?   Happy Easter Paris!

“SO WHAT?”  They think they’ve got their hooks into Donald Trump – for conspiring with the Russians to defeat Queen Hillary,  – and maybe even financial dealings which would violate the Emolument Clause or even the Bribery Clause in Article II.   At a minimum,  they believe Russian cyber attacks hurt Hillary and aided Trump…. “SO WHAT?”  […]

I’ll be there renaming our largest park after Acton’s only Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Nathaniel Allen.  Allen carried the colors in battle in Gettysburg.  All around him men were falling, but he maintained the order and kept the colors flying high.  His job was simple, but essential.  The men needed to know that they […]

Mister Obama – WHAT are America’s ‘vital national interests‘ in Uganda? How is a 23+ year old tribal insurgency a threat to our security, our economy, our safety? Please explain what justifies risking the lives of our Green Berets, or risking our image of military competence should a disaster occur? Did you notice Mister Obama […]